Where do I sign up to become a vendor?

Navigate to the top left of the page and click on Become a Vendor or click here


How do I start selling on HorecaBid Marketplace?

Fill in the form by providing:

  • a valid company business email address; to receive the verification code.
  • your store name / company name.
  • a password. A strong password is recommended.
seller reg [3]


How long does it take for Vendor application to get approved?

Your application will be reviewed before you become a vendor on our platform! The verification process takes approximately 3 working days. During the verification process, you are required to furnish the documents to HorecaBid Support Team.


You will receive an email or call from HorecaBid if your application is successful.


The Merchant shall furnish the following documents to HORECABID as part of the registration process:

  • Company Profile.
  • License Establishment (for company);
  • Form 9, 24 & 49 (for Sdn Bhd) or Borang D, Maklumat Perniagaan & Maklumat Pemilik Perniagaan (for non Sdn Bhd);
  • SST Certificate;
  • MDA Establishment License (for Medical Device);
  • NRPA License (for Pharmaceutical); and
  • GDPMD License (for Distributor).


What’s next after the application has been approved?

Once you are done, you may start to prepare and upload your products information.


You are encouraged to set up your shop profile before you upload your product information. Click here for more info.